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New Products Roundup: July 2021

We have so many new products in the store recently we've had to give them a dedicated roundup. All products are now available on our online store to order for collection or home delivery, or visit us to purchase in-store at 332 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield, S7 1FN where you can find all of these new additions and also shop in-store with your own containers for our dried food and cleaning liquid refills.


Food cupboard Staples

We have tinned Chopped Tomatoes and whole Cherry Tomatoes, both organic and available as single tins or as 4 Packs for multipack savings without the additional packaging!


Food cupboard Specialties

First, we have a variety of tinned fruits, Pineapple Chunks, Tropical Fruit Cocktail and Jackfruit. Alongside Coconut Milk from Ma's Happy Life Kitchen, the UK's first Organic and Fairtrade certified coconut milk. And Finally two types of baked beans. Suma's Low Sugar Baked Beans made with agave syrup and BBQ Baked Beans from Mr Organic, with their usual guarantee of zero air miles.


Food Cupboard Jars

Next up in our Food Cupboard section, jars! We have a few types of Olives including Mixed Marinated Green and Kalamata, and Stuffed Green Olives with Garlic and Peppers. Also in this section, Essential's Gherkins Demeter (grown to biodynamic farming standards) and sweetened with agave syrup. Rounding out with simple pitted Green and Kalamata olives without added flavours.


New Jams and Spreads

Sweetened only with fruit juice concentrate, St Dalfour combine traditional recipes, the finest ingredients and modern technology to produce these all natural products. We have Four Fruits, Mango and Passion Fruit and Blackcurrant now in stock. We also have this delicious palm and dairy-free Chocolate Orange Spread from Puro, made from coconut and cacao.


Rubies in the Rubble

Rubies In The Rubble are fighting food waste by using surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. We now stock their Tomato Ketchup, containing twice the fruit and half the sugar of other brands. Banana Ketchup, with a sweet and savoury Caribbean twist. Onion Relish, sticky and sweet relish with a touch of heat. Apple Relish, a British summer staple made with apples and a splash of cider. Tomato Relish, fresh tomatoes with roasted Indian spices for some kick.


Dried Goods and Seeds

A couple of new products in by popular demand. First up, Poppy Seeds, perfect for baking or adding texture to marinades and dressings. Second, Desiccated Coconut, to add another variation alongside coconut flakes. Finally, Dried Pineapple, again good for baking or as a sweet snack.


Kitchen gadgets

We have made some major updates to our homeware area starting with some essential kitchen tools from ecoLiving. We have... a Cheese Slice, Bottle Opener, Nutcracker, Potato Peeler, Lemon Reamer and Honey Dipper.., *And breathe*. These products are made with FSC certified Beech Wood in Europe, and stainless steel for extra durability. These are well made and long-lasting products so you're not left having to replace broken kitchen items!


Kitchen essentials

Next up are some Kitchen Essentials, also from ecoLiving and made from high-quality, durable materials. We have a Kitchen Servers Set with a wooden spoon, fork and spatula. For baking, we have a classic Rolling Pin, and a Biscuit Shape Roller, both sturdy and well made. A Whisk, made of the usual sustainable Beech wood and stainless steel. And lastly, a handy Egg Timer which counts approximately 5 minutes.


Sideboard Savers

More ecoLiving utility products, we have two sizes of Chopping Board (28 and 34cm). A long-handled Bottle Brush with plant-based bristles and a narrow enough head to get in most containers! And a Wooden Dish Drainer. Again, these products are made in Europe from FSC Beech Wood. Finally for this group is a Bamboo Utensils Pot from Sheffield's own Plastic Phobia, perfect for tidying away utensils and cutlery.


Measuring Scoops

These little scoops are great for decanting your various package-free goods. The Coffee Measure helps to accurately dose your coffee, while the Middle-Sized Scoop is ideal for getting the 10g measure of dishwasher powder needed for a cycle (more on that soon). The dinky scoop (7cm) is ideal for herbs and spices, while the larger scoop could be used for decanting your rice or grains. And you know what I'm going to say-- they're all made in Europe from sustainable Beech Wood.


Cleaning Essentials

A couple of handy (pun intended, thank you) new items for cleaning. First off, Natural Latex Rubber Gloves - reusable, biodegradable and compostable. We have them in green and yellow, and in a full range of sizes. And a few new designs of our popular Compostable Sponges, 100% plastic-free and made from renewable sources of cellulose and cotton, and using water-based ink.


Dishwasher Products

New additions for dishwasher use and care, both from Miniml. Dishwasher Powder an Ethical Consumer Best Buy, which replaces our dishwasher tablets, avoiding cardboard waste and 10g is all you need per cycle. And Rinse Aid, to help those cycles along!



Finally, we’ve even added a new category with our very first electronic item on sale. We are really excited to have these Wireless Magnetic Chargers with a sleek and stylish design, but most importantly made from plastic waste, this wireless charger can charge your devices in no time. Handmade in Brighton and compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, many recent Android phones and accessories.


Phew! That was a lot of new products. It's great to finally have the extra space in the new shop to offer such a large range of eco-friendly products.

For us, it's important to provide sustainable alternatives to every-day household items: Not to replace your existing items right away, but so if they do break you can confidently buy planet-friendly replacements.

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