How to use the self-dispense system

3 easy steps to zero waste shopping at The Bare Alternative


1. Weigh​

First thing is first. We need to know how much your container weighs so we make sure you are only paying for what you put inside it.


Put your container on the scales here and use the pencils provided to write on your container how much it weighs, or you can use a scrap of paper to note the weights and write next to each what is in the container.


2. Fill

Now, is the easy part. Go fill up with all the package-free goodies!


There’s no need to reweigh containers to calculate the price, but the scales can be useful to work out how much you would like to buy.


3. Pay

When you’ve got everything you need, then come over to the counter where we will weigh your filled containers and remove the weight of each so you only pay for what you have put in there.

If you are new to this (as we all are at some point) and need any help at all, please ask if you require any help or assistance.


You can use any container you like to fill up (reusing is good!), but to make sure your food items stay in the best condition for as long as possible, it’s important to use clean and dry containers otherwise the food could spoil. The Bare Alternative is not liable for any contamination or food spoilage once dispensed into customers' own containers.