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Food waste

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A secondary unintentional benefit of shopping zero waste is that it provides a solution to is the growing problems around food wastage created by pre-portioned packaged goods. Many items are not always available to purchase in the exact quantities needed, which frequently leads to buying more than required and results in the extra food going to waste. In the UK, nearly 7 million tonnes of food waste is generated every year. With an ever-increasing world population, this level of waste is unsustainable where nearly a third of the food produced is either lost in production or wasted.

The shopping system we use at The Bare Alternative allows you to purchase only the amount of each product needed, making it easier to choose a path of ethical consumption. The aim is to allow purchasing only what is needed, has been made to last, has been paid for fairly in terms of impact on the environment and has been produced sustainably without hurting people, animals or the earth.

By been able to buy only a small amount of a product it makes it easier to try something new, and if you've enjoyed it then it's easy to come back and buy more. We do sell some items that may be slightly different to typical items found in the supermarket so we hope that be been able to try a small amount first, more people it find it easier to transition to cooking healthier meals with the range of whole foods available. Another great aspect of this shopping system is that if you only need, for example, a small amount of a certain herb or spice for a specific recipe, then you only need to buy that much, and again, it means the rest of packet will not go to waste!


Looking at it in another way, if there are ingredients that you use frequently and in large quantities, then it is also possible to buy larger amounts and stock up, therefore, potentially saving money and time on transportation of multiple trips to purchase. This has a reduction of impact on the environment, but also by removing the unnecessary packaging, there is a reduction in resources used to the manufacture, transport and disposal of traditionally packaged products.

It's possible to save more by taking advantage of our bulk discount structure:

Buy more than 5kg of any product (including liquids) and save 10%

We also offer a 10% discount on other items such as Coffee Beans, Nuts and other more expensive items at lower quantities.

Also if you really use a lot of something specific we can look to special order items at much lower prices. Get in touch or ask at the shop, and we will see what's possible.

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