Recycling programmes​

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COVID-19 Update

The collections are still running during the extended Covid period, but please note the following changes have been made to be able to safely operate this service:

  • We are only running certain collections every week.

  • No other waste will be accepted that week regardless if it is accepted in other collections as we will no longer handle waste.

  • Waste is to be sorted at home before bringing to the shop to drop off (please see the accepted waste posters below).

current collection programmes and schedule

Click each image to see full details of accepted waste

Week 1

Crisps, dental

AND Pringles


12 OCT - 17 oCT
09 nov - 14 nov

Week 2

Snacks, bread bags and personal care


19 oct - 24 OCT
16 nov - 21 nov


Week 3

Crisps, biscuits and pet food


26 oct - 31 oct
23 nov - 28 nov

Week 4

confectionary and baby food


02 nov - 07 nov
30 nov - 05 dec

There are many more programmes which we are not signed up for or waiting to join, so please check the full list on the TerraCycle website and look for the map on the page for each programme to see if there is a collection point near you.

recycling General GuidElines

All collections are sponsored, so each one is for types of product packaging, NOT MATERIALS.

NO folded / tied packets

NO bundles in eleastic bands or string etc

NO food or other waste leftovers

CLEAN packs only

how it works

TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company and a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste and believes that instead of wasting the planet’s resources, we are able to create a circular economy by recycling our commodities and together we can make an even better impact on our planet.

Keep the earth clean. With the help of collectors, TerraCycle is able to eliminate the idea of waste. The collected waste will not end up as litter, in landfill or incineration, instead, new materials and products will be made from the hard-to-recycle waste.


The Bare Alternative registers to join the available programmes on the website. Once accepted we dig out a box from a recent delivery, print out the accepted waste poster and put the box in the shop to allow you to visit and drop off your waste in the collection boxes.


When we have enough waste to send off, we reuse another delivery box to pack in as much waste as possible and request a free postage label.


Once the waste is received by TerraCycle, we are rewarded with points based on the weight of the collection which can be redeemed as a charitable donation. At The Bare Alternative, we are supporting Surfers Against Sewage and Plastic Oceans Foundation.


For more info on how TerraCycle processes the waste check out this blog article and the video below.

and what this all means...

At The Bare Alternative we have collected:​

as of



199.212 kg​




Recycling F.A.Q.

Q: Does the waste have to be cleaned?

A: No for food packaging but any remaining food needs to be removed. Yes for baby and pet food pouches. Please try to clean as we are collecting on behalf of somebody else and don't want to drop smelly waste to them.

Q: Are collections brand specific?

A: No, except Pringle tubes due to the fact that this is multi-material packaging and other materials used in the packaging of other brands.


Q: Do you accept Tetra Paks?

A: This is not accepted waste for TerraCycle. Find your closest recycling location here.