Social distancing

We have set a limit of a maximum of 3 in the shop at once. While at the limit we ask that only one family member enters the shop. We expect that this will massively restrict the flow through the shop and create the need to queue before entering the shop so we appreciate that you are patient, and you can help us speed up your shopping by coming prepared with a shopping list. Outside the shop, the queue is marked out with 2 meter markings to ensure everybody is giving space to each other.


Leaving a clear station 

Inside the shop, we have a new layout and we have marked the floor with “stations”. To maintain a distance from others while shopping at busy times, please make sure that you do not enter the station next to another customer ensuring that one station is empty between you.


One way system

Please follow the markings on the floor around the one way loop. If there are others shopping at the same time as you and you have forgotten something at a previous station please continue to follow the loop and make sure one station is left empty to the next customer.


New container weighing system

The biggest challenge we face is the potential spread via touching one set of customer’s containers at checkout and then the next customer’s. Even through frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitiser the risk is only reduced, so to eliminate this, we have reworked the system used to weigh containers. Containers will now get a barcoded sticker that is scanner at checkout, placed on the scales and then directly into bags, all by the customer, so there is no potential spread to the next customer which also reduces risk to staff.


Protective screens and face masks

We have installed a protective screen at the counter as this is one place where it is difficult to keep a 2 meter distance. Face masks will be worn by staff while on the shop floor, including packing online orders, but not while behind the counter as the protective screen provides this barrier. Due to the unpacked nature of the shop, we would also appreciate the use of face maks by customers while filling containers.


Hand sanitising

On entrance to the shop, we are providing sanitiser from our amazing supplier Miniml which is 62% Ethanol/Alcohol Content (Recommended by Public Health England). We also recommend following hand washing guidelines before and after shopping.


Extra cleaning

Cleaning has always been an important aspect of the daily routine in the shop, but we have upped the cleaning of all common touch points between customers, while high frequency touch points, such as dispenser handles, will be cleaned additional times as needed throughout the day. On days where the shop is open for a full day, there is a 30 minute close for cleaning (and lunch).


One scoop, One product

Normally, we look to avoid anything single-use, but for now, we ask “one scoop, one product”. That means all loose equipment (scoops, spoons, tongs etc.) should be used for one product and then placed in a “dirty equipment” box to be cleaned. This is to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19 but importantly also for cross-contamination of products for others who suffer from food allergies.


Online ordering

Ordering for collection at the shop and also home delivery remains available for those wishing to shield as much as possible. Collection is available during all shop opening hours, but we have dedicated collection times outlined above meaning that you won’t have to wait to enter the shop while others are shopping.

Order for collection -

Order for delivery -

Opening hours and schedule

Online order collections

We have the following times dedicated to collecting online orders meaning you don't have to queue while others are shopping.

Tuesday: 10am-2pm

Thursday: 10am-2pm

Saturday: 10am-10:30am

Please note: during these times we are also packing orders and need full access to the shop making social distancing difficult which is why customers cannot enter for in-store shopping.

Bottle deposits

For anybody that has shopped with us during lockdown and bought liquid refills then you can keep the bottles you have received from us and continue to refill them. Any bottles you still have can be returned for a discount on your shopping. Similarly, any discount codes you still have can be redeemed when paying in-store. Please have your discount code ready at checkout to streamline this process. We will no longer be sending out codes to use on online orders so please only bring back empty bottles when you are either collecting an order or shopping in-store.


Any further questions, concerns or feedback please get in touch below.

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